Posted by: christo66 | October 23, 2007

The Indian Lake Project

I have been following the Indian Lake Project blog for several years. Although I’m not sure of the validity of the entire blog, it is indeed based on fact. MK-ULTRA was a real CIA mind control project, whose doctors found unknowing adult participants to become human guinea pigs. MK-ULTRA had the potential to produce mind controlled individuals to do whatever instructed to do with no memory of their actions. The Indian Lake Project was only slightly different. The difference being that the I.L.P. used orphaned children for the experimentation. A secret base in Indian Lake, New York housed those children that the government “adopted” for these experiments. This secret project came to light when a man discovered documents and photos in a box buried in those woods in 1997. He passed away shortly after he gave the contents to his nephew. It is the nephew who discovered the underground remains of the Indian Lake Project base, and has suffered harassment ever since at the hands of the US government.


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